HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can finally say I survived 2017! This year feels like it’s going to be a good one, just by writing 2018 you just know it will be (and the fact it started on a Monday). I’ve come a long way since starting this blog and it’s helped a lot, but I…

The honest truth

Rebuilding yourself and starting over is empowering. But it’s also fucking lonely at times. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m happy or I’m sad. Sometimes I can’t differentiate the two. I like to think I’m doing well, but at times like this I often wonder if it’s all a sweet lie I’m telling myself. How…

Sleeping less

They say the happier you are, the less sleep you need. That is how I know I’m getting better. -R.S.R

Why I choose to be open about my emetophobia and anxiety. 

“this is what I’m battling with, but I’m going to change it” I never really spoke about my phobia, to the point where it wasn’t too long ago when I had to explain emetophobia to my family and friends. They all knew I got anxiety but they didn’t know why, they all thought it was…

Christmas Gift Guide

Here’s a list of those things you don’t want to leave off your shopping list;

50 things that make me happy

At times when things get a little overwhelming, it’s good to take note of and appreicte things that make you feel happy.